About us

RNS Therapeutics is an allied health services provider in the Melbourne’s north-west suburbs.

Our Allied Health Professional team comprises expert clinicians who are dedicated to delivering high quality and evidence-based allied health services to the community.

We currently provide the following services to varying age groups of clients.

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Exercise Physiology

Our clinicians treat patients in their own settings, community setups or in our clinic situated in Melbourne North-West.

Whether you’re an NDIS participant or fall into a specific age group of the community, we are here to provide you with our professional allied health services.

Mission Statement

Our aim is to be the first choice for people in the community seeking allied health services to achieve their health goals and optimising functional impairment.


To develop the cutting edge service delivery systems to deliver the high quality evidence based allied health services to our clients in the community.


Our work is guided by our beliefs, commitments and our core values which are as follows:


Respect – We respect everyone in the community and make sure that everyone is treated with equal importance and precision.


Quality – We strive for excellence and aim at surpassing our competitors by continually improving at what we do.


Honesty & Integrity – We are transparent in all what we do, say and deliver. We believe in having an uncompromising adherence to our moral and ethical values.


Innovation – We deploy the most innovative practices to deliver services that enable the community to flourish and live life with a new hope.


Accountability – We realise that we are accountable for everything we do and the consequences our actions bear.


‘Adding life to years rather years to life’


We believe that it’s more valuable for a person to achieve their overall health and life goals rather than getting their individual body parts treated and having their pains alleviated.


Therefore, we work together with our clients to draft strategic and clear therapy plans that help them meet their specific life goals and desires.


For Example – A person can seek therapeutic services to relieve a knee pain resulting from a trauma or medical condition. By availing the right therapeutic service, it may be possible for him to get rid of his pain however, the therapy might not be enough to create a real difference in his life.


He could have some other meaningful goals in life that bring him ultimate happiness and improve the quality of his life. Whether it’s running a marathon, riding a push bike every Saturday morning or going for an independent grocery shopping. we understand your goals and desires and strive to make you achieve them.


We understand that an ailment can dramatically limit your activities and options in life which is why we work to set up and help you smash the realistic and meaningful goals you might have in life.